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At A Glance

person interacting with watson assistant about covid-19

The Benefits

Allows for consistent, up-to-date information across government agencies

Supports dialog via voice and text messaging

Deflect calls, reduce call volumes

Project Scope

DFS will implement Watson Assistant for Citizens for your organization, agency, or department. It will be accessed via your web portal with both text and speech capabilities. The most common form of implementation is through a web chat interface, offered by IBM. However, DFS is developing a customizable web chat interface which can be easily installed on any website. DFS and IBM are offering the following:

  • Unlimited capacity to IBM’s Watson Assistant, Voice Integration and Discovery services for initial 90 days
  • Access to 15 pre-trained COVID-19 intents in English and Spanish, for both text and speech deployment
  • Initial set up and deployment of pre-trained intents is FREE
  • Professional Design/Build services for customizations to support an accelerated time to delivery for a fee
  • Access to both self-paced and instructor-led education
  • Access to a customizable web chat UI interface
  • Assistance in integrating Watson Assistant with custom backend services

What DFS Can Offer