What is Coeus?

Coeus handles routine to complex inquiries for your customers, business partners, employees, and call center agents. Those questions that require a greater level of nuance and insight can still be escalated to the right people in your organization. Coeus integrates with your business systems and knowledge repositories to provide in-depth and consistent responses using natural language, allowing interactions based on your users’ preferences and devices. Coeus provides a rich customer experience while reducing operational costs and expanding safe, virtual interaction with your business.

Unlike many chatbots, Coeus interacts with your users to understand what they are seeking. No more crafting a question and hoping for a meaningful answer. Coeus is built on a secure framework with proven industry leading AI capabilities. Coeus supports multi-lingual speech and text and has integrations with many tools. Features include maps, multi-language abilities, conversation capture, integration middleware, and cloud native.  

Key Capabilities

  • Natural Language Conversations: Coeus will converse with your stakeholders in natural language. Questions can be entered/spoken like you would talk to another person without any concern about special formatting or vocabulary. The assistant knows when to search for an answer, when to ask for clarity, or when to direct users to a human.
  • Learns Over Time: Coeus does not simply answer questions. It performs tasks on the user's behalf (i.e., creates a new user account, sends replacement insurance cards). Dialogs are not just scripted, but trained from your existing environment so that it gets smarter over time.
  • Available When You Are: Coeus is available 24/7.
  • Orchestrates the Use of Existing Systems: The built-in service orchestrator provides secure data and communications. It allows for integration with your backend systems for the training and learning of Coeus. As an orchestrator, it will manage and route to multiple AI assistants to handle any given situation.
  • Provides a Better Experience: Our solution allows you to reduce call volumes while focusing your staff on more complex, higher-value transactions. The transition to less human interaction provides a reduction in call center operations costs and a better overall user experience.
  • Rapid Deployment: Go from no AI to Coeus, an AI-enabled assistant, in just 6 weeks.

Pain Points

Customer Experience

  • Companies don't have the capacity to respond to customer requests and complaints
  • Can't provide a uniform level of customer support

Reduce Cost of Operations

  • Reduces dependence on expensive call center resources
  • Spend less time training and managing customer support agents and focus on more issues facing your company

DFS has created a platform on top of IBM Watson Assistant to relieve these issues. Coeus can be implemented as either consumer-facing or agent assist or both.

Agent Assist

We provide fast and consistent information back to the call center agent decreasing call times and saving money for your company.

Customer Assist

Our solution understands questions in natural language - either spoken or typed, and returns the answer in clear, concise terms in the language in which it was asked.

Employee Assist

Our solution can handle questions from employees that require different backend integrations, reducing the overhead and allowing your business to focus on what really matters.