The Problem

Multicloud management from IBM's Cloud Pak campaign is here. Enterprises are facing a multitude of challenges as their enterprises grow in complexity – making management a difficult, unwieldy task with significant risk to the organization for management and security lapses. DFS has the skills and expertise to help your company adopt this solution today.

> 60%

of customers state they don’t have the tools and procedures to manage and operate in a complex multicloud environment

Source: IBM IBV Study – Assembling your cloud orchestra


Disparate monitoring tools

Lower visibility across multicloud

Slow delivery & management processes

Sequential framework, manual

Security and quality an afterthought

Inserted just before release

The New Way: Automated Operations

Open management architecture

Deliver multicloud operations and security management

Integrate Dev and Ops

Integrate and automate development into the operations toolchains leveraging AI


Security and quality are a shared responsibility, integrated end-to-end


reduction in downtime


increased developer productivity

The Architecture

cloud pack for multicloud management architecture