Data Fusion Specialists is an IBM Business Partner and we have extensive knowledge and resources with IBM® Netcool® Operations Insight (referred to as N.O.I.). NOI allows you to see network event, topology, availability, performance and configuration data in a single view, the classic single pane of glass.


Operations Management

Market-leading event management powered by AI and machine learning capabilities to significantly reduce system noise and incidents.

Dynamic Topology Management

Integrated, real-time topology delivering complete up-to-date and historical visibility of constantly changing environment.

Network and Performance Management

Gain visibility of the overall health of the network for rapid resolution of network issues.

Flexible deployment options

Deploy Netcool Operations Insight the traditional way or use Docker and Kubernetes for rapid deployment.

Integrate with anything

Virtually any smart device, system or application that produces events can be managed with Netcool.

IBM® Netcool® Operations Insight powered with AI and Machine learning capabilities helps reduce event noise, automatically groups events related to the same problem and provides relevant context for faster resolution, allowing you to work smarter, not harder. It provides a consolidated view across your local, cloud and hybrid environments and delivers actionable insight into the performance of services and their associated dynamic network and IT infrastructures. You can now modernize and simplify your IT Operations with greater insight into highly dynamic environments, and option for containerized deployment on IBM Cloud Private.

NOI software uses streaming and historical event analytics to reveal event patterns and recurring problems with similar characteristics, allowing for faster resolution and potential automation for more efficient handling of future incidents. NOI can increase service availability with early detection and shortened time to repair. NOI can help you gain business-level event enrichment and contextual correlation to further unify disparate systems.

In addition to network monitoring, NOI also monitors logfiles like SYSLOG using Log Analytics. Log Analysis provides a semi-structured data analytics solution. Use Log Analysis to reduce problem diagnosis and resolution time, helping you to manage your infrastructure and applications more effectively.

With a complete NOI solution, you have Event Management, Network Device Management, SNMP Trap Management, Log File, Reporting and the ability to integrate with virtually any ticketing system or Automation tool like Ansible.