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IBM Watson Assistant for Health Benefits can answer real-world member healthcare questions quickly and easily, in natural language. The solution integrates your health plan data, benefit information, cost calculation, and artificial intelligence to help you deliver an informed conversation regarding benefit coverage, out-of-pocket costs and more. Watson Assistant for Health Benefits is designed to understand and incorporate complex benefits eligibility and coverage logic to a conversational model, enabling more natural and accurate responses, which enhances the member experience.


Our “Jumpstart to AI” program is designed for health plans that want proof of the potential benefits and cost savings that could be gained by modernizing their member services and call center experience with IBM’s AI innovations.  For health plan administrators and member services professionals, the purpose of a Jumpstart is to provide a real-life example of Watson Assistant for Health Benefits working with your company’s actual health plan information and documentation so that you can see first-hand the benefits of this solution. The deliverables of a Jumpstart are intended to do the following:

  • Demonstrate and help quantify how the AI-enabled benefits solution can understand the logic of your health plan’s eligibility rules
  • Incorporate your health plan logic and documents into conversation for improved interactions with each member, provider or call center agent
  • Enable your organization to plan for quick deployment of a cost-effective solution, and to prepare for scaling it

How DFS Can Help

As an authorized IBM Business Partner, DFS has first-hand experience in architecting and leading the implementation of Watson Assistant for Health Benefits, a Watson Health solution for the commercial healthcare payer market. We are uniquely skilled and backed by IBM, to sell and deliver Jumpstarts to the IBM Watson Assistant for Health Benefits. Additionally, DFS is a preferred partner in full solution engagements when a health plan decides to commit to the solution. Our experience will help in solutioning, planning, and delivering engagements with clients to rapidly implement Watson Assistant solutions for their respective domains and deploy cloud-native solutions on any public, private, or hybrid cloud platforms.

More Info

Check out our whitepaper on the DFS Jumpstart to AI for Healthcare solution where you can find in-depth, technical information about this jumpstart.